Appetizers - Soup - Salad - Noodle Soup

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                                 SOUP (FOR 2)                                     
                                    S1. Egg Flower Soup                       
                          *S2. Hot & Sour Soup                        
                              S3. Wonton Soup                                               
                              S4. Tofu Vegetable Soup       
                              S5. Chicken Corn Soup                                            
      S6. Wor Wonton Soup                                         
      S7. Three Delight Sizzling Soup 
      S8. Seafood with Vegetable Soup
      S9. Shrimp with Rice noodle Soup                                                         
    SL1. Chinese Chicken Salad (Regular or Hot & Spicy)
*SL2. Noodles in Hot Sesame Peanut Sauce  ...(Plain) 
    SL3. Sm. Side Salad


A1.  Vegetarian Egg Roll (2) 
A2.  Green Onion Pancake
A3.  Beef Skewer (4)
A4.  BBQ Pork Bun (3) 
A5.  Fried Cream Cheese Wonton (8) 
A6.  Fried Shrimp (6) 
A7.  Dim Sum
       Shu Mai (6) or Har Gow (6)
A8.  Dumplings (chicken or Pork) (8)
       Steamed or Pan Fried
A9.  Salt & Pepper*
       Wings (6), Fish Fillet, Tofu or Calamari
A10. BBQ Ribs (4) or BBQ Pork Slices
A11. Soup Dumpling (xiao Long Bao) (6)
A11. Minced Chicken in Lettuce Cup (4)
A12. Assorted Appetizers
       2 egg roll, 2 BBQ ribs, 2 fried shrimps,
       2 beef Skewers and fried cream cheese wontons



*= Hot & Spicy

All dishes may be prepared more or less spicy upon request.

Prices subject to change without notice.

All photos are for illustration purpose only, actual products may vary.